About this Course

Public Procurement has become a vital subject for optimization of value for money while
ensuring good governance in a country. Most of the government officers and potential bidders
have limited opportunities for following training programs on public procurement due to
number of factors such as scarcity of qualified resource persons, unavailability of training
opportunities in regional levels, limited availability of funds for training expenditure. Therefore,
it has been decided to develop this online training progrmme for addressing such challenges.

Contents of the programe have been developed focusing contemporary changes, best
international and local practices of public procurement to maintain the high standard of
professionalism in public procurement and thereby paving way for good governance through
transparency, accountability and value for money.

Under this circumstances the enthusiastic individuals are requested to make the best use of this
learning opportunity and ensure that its essence will be productive and beneficial to the
country as much as to your job performance and your future career prospects.
We all at SLIDA wish you a fruitful and stimulating learning experience.

Mr. A.Lokugamage

Senior Consultant

MA(Finance Econ)University of Colombo, PGD(Economic Development), PGD(Corporate and Strategic Finance), HNDA, DPFM, DIPPCA, Dip in IT, MAAT, (Senior Consultant in Procurement Management and Public Financial Management, Interest in Public Procurement, Supply Chain, Public Finance, Fiscal Policy, Monitory Policy and Project Finance, Exposure in Thailand, India and Singapore)

T.P - 0115980226 

Email - lokugamage@slida.lk

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